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Ophelia is a highly engaging immersive performance open to public viewing at RMIT First Site Gallery on Wednesday and Thursday, featuring apart of Melbourne Fringe Festival. It revives one of the most influential stories ever written from a perspective you most likely have never reflected on before. 


Writer Abdul Gazi and director Aim Nattha Sangboon present Ophelia’s truth to those prepared to consider the other side of history.  They have approached Shakespeare’s Hamlet with a powerful change of lens, handing all power over to the women of the hour. 


Using space, light, sound, rhythm, and movement, immersive theatre does precisely what film cannot. This performance not only breaks down the fourth wall but takes you, as an audience member, a step beyond spectating. Audience members are given the opportunity to explore the complexities of different characters and their relationship with Ophelia at random, meaning each experience are unique. 

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