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Knox Place



In collaboration with RMIT INTERSECT and Melbourne Central, RMIT Curatorial Collective has invited 6 RMIT students and recent graduates to work together in our upcoming LIGHTSCAPES activation, located within Knox Place (Melbourne Central).


This activation, titled In Companionship, is a creative response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the impacts this has had on our day-to-day lives. 


The pandemic has forced us to reexamine our relationship with people, objects, space, city, and ourselves. Through discussions, these artists have reflected on what they have been in companionship with during isolation. These artists come from a diverse range of backgrounds and share the values of compassion and curiosity.


Public spaces such as building facades and streets can facilitate encounters with art outside of the rarified space of the museum, yet, the pandemic has complicated our relationship with the public sphere. The ability to broadcast social messages is especially significant during this unique time. The selected works for this activation aims to communicate these struggles and look at how the people of Melbourne can come together as a community to access, enjoy, and rejuvenate our public spaces. 

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