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Elina Simbolon

Artist at Yu Fang Chi Studio, Casual lecturer at MFA, RMIT School of Art

Fine art, Visual art, Industrial, furniture and product design, Craft, Jewellery, textile


Born in Bandung, Indonesia, to a Batak-Chinese family Elina Elizabeth Simbolon moved to Melbourne in 2004 due to her husband’s job relocation. She completed Bachelor of Fine Art from Monash University in 2016, and Master of Fine Art from RMIT University in 2019. Her projects investigate the intersection between trauma and socio-political history particularly in depicting the disconcerting situation of minorities. Through sculptural objects, installation and photographic images, she explores the emotional and affective content within her personal as well as cultural trauma through the complex relationship with materials and processes.

  • Bachelor of Fine Art, Monash University (2016)

  • Master of Fine Art, RMIT University (2019)

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