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Yu Fang Chi

Artist at Yu Fang Chi Studio, Casual lecturer at MFA, RMIT School of Art

Fine art, Visual art, Industrial, furniture and product design, Craft, Jewellery, textile


Yu-Fang Chi is a Taiwan-born Australian artist working within textile, silversmithing, sculpture, and spacial installation. In her practice, Chi explores the processes of weaving and the position of human body. Grappling with contemporary issues such as environment, gender, emotional cognition, time’s flowing passage and more explorations of landscape and historical context, Chi’s work uses processes of repetition, ephemerality and the interplay of light and shadow to open up discussions around contemporary pressing topics.

Through curatorial projects, Yu-Fang aims to make forgotten stories visible and offer alternative narratives for interpreting them. This has led her to initiate projects Including Inner Crease (2015), Tacit Recollection (2017) and Insistent. Gestures. (2019). Her installation has been part of ART+CLIMATE=CHANGE 2019 and DUE WEST FESTIVAL. She has undertaken artist in residencies in Australia, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Taipei.

Chi gained a doctorate from RMIT University and received Diana Morgan Gold & Silversmithing Prize in 2018. She has exhibited extensively nationally and internationally. Since 2008 her work has been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions at the International Handwerksmesse Munich, The Museum of Arts and Crafts ITAMI Japan, The Gallery of Art Legnica in Poland, Beijing International Jewelry Art Biennial, World Art Museum… and so on. Yu-Fang Chi’s work is held in the collections of Gold Museum in Taiwan, Korea International Craft Biennale, and Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, France.

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RMIT University, School of Art, PhD

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